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We offer top of the line dog training all over Manhattan. We are committed to bringing you the best behavioral wellness programs available and we go above and beyond to ensure that all dogs who come through our doors are treated with loving care, and cutting edge training techniques.  

Study Hall

*Learn with Head Trainer Amanda Gagnon every Sunday*



Amanda Gagnon Dog Training
76 West 85th Street, Unit A, off Columbus Ave
Sundays at 11am-12pm

What is Study Hall?

Spend Sunday mornings with Head Trainer Amanda Gagnon! Dogs and humans will have access to our facility for 1-hour to practice their skills with their dog in a safe, fun, and regulated environment. Study Halls are a great place to upgrade tricks, hone your skills, and continue to socialize your dog. Especially, after they age out of Puppy Socials. It is also a wonderful way to meet other dog-loving members of our community. Amanda will be there to coach you through difficult steps and suggest new activities. For the safety of all of the dogs, StudyHalls are only open to dogs who are currently enrolled, or have recently (within the last year) completed a course with AGDT.

Who can participate?

In order to keep Study Hall safe, we require that all dogs participate or have previously participated in AGDT training. That means, you should enroll in a class or a private session before booking a Study Hall. This is mandatory, because we must ensure that all dogs who attend are completely and totally comfortable spending time romping with other dogs off leash. It is an excellent idea to attend Study Halls while you are enrolled in class, because you and your dog will have a chance to practice the new skills you are learning under the watchful eye of one of our experienced trainers. All dogs who participate MUST be completely friendly and comfortable playing with other dogs and humans. Dogs must also be reasonably quiet during play (excessive barking could overstimulate other dogs or irritate our neighbors). If you need help working on either of these issues, we recommend setting up private sessions instead.

How much does it cost?

*Every client gets 1 FREE pass* After that Study Hall is $150/10-pack or $30 to drop in.