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The AGDT Blog

Dog COSTUMES only! Leave the torture devices at home!

Amanda Gagnon

How about this year, for Halloween, we all agree to avoid torturing our pets!  I'm a sucker for a cute costume as much as the next guy, but it hurts my heart to see some of the things we force our dogs to wear. 

Avoid anything that limits your dogs ability to MOVE:

bad dog costume 1

Seriously?  This poor dog!  Look how far his tail is curled under.  See him licking his lips.  He is scared out of his gourd.  Do not cover your dog from head to toe in scary pieces of tin. 

Avoid anything that is highly unusual and/or uncomfortable:

Bad dog costume 2.

Is he supposed to be a chia pet?  Oh geez.

Please respect your dog's need for a little space and comfort.  Pick a costume that is minimal, non-invasive, flexible, and COMFORTABLE for your dog.  Choose something similar to the types of things your dog already enjoys wearing.  Perhaps a sweater, or a collar that is cuter than usual.  Adding a small embellishment to a harness can work beautifully. 

I'm also a fan of Non-toxic, dog-safe paints and chalks.  Do not use human products...they are often unsafe for dogs.

Look!  A happy skeleton!

Dog Paint Halloween

Have fun trick of treating!!