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We offer top of the line dog training all over Manhattan. We are committed to bringing you the best behavioral wellness programs available and we go above and beyond to ensure that all dogs who come through our doors are treated with loving care, and cutting edge training techniques.  

Specialty Classes

We are constantly designing fun and engaging courses for you to enjoy in with your dog!  They fill up quickly, enroll today!

 Three Week Pushy Dog Workshop!

Coming in December 2018…stay tuned or request an invite when the schedule is confirmed by emailing us (

Future Workshops and Classes outlined below:

 Three week Leash Training Intensive.
Basic Leash Training - covers leash equipment, handling, and basic techniques to help your dog learn to walk politely by your side.
Intermediate Leash Training - upgrades the skills you learned previously, and adds distractions to set your dog up for success outside.
Advanced Leash Training - takes it to the streets, where we will work on all leash skills in the real world! This is an OUTDOOR class. Weather permitting.

The cost for this 3 class series is $225.00

House Training Intensive Workshop
Teach your dog or puppy to go to the bathroom outside, and on cue!
House training can be so HARD, but it doesn't have to be. It is possible to house train most puppies in just a few days! Join us for a unique, intensive workshop exclusively on house training.

Head trainer, Amanda Gagnon, will guide you through tricks and cutting edge techniques that will have your dog going to the bathroom where she is supposed to and when she is supposed to. There will also be ample opportunity to ask specific questions and get the answers you need to set yourself up for success!

This is a one hour workshop for humans only. No pups need to attend. 
The cost for this course is $75 ($40 for those enrolled in Puppy Kindergarten).

Sorry!  We are unable to offer make-up classes.  Since it is a scheduled class, it is impossible to repeat the curriculum for just one dog.

Rescue Dog Training is designed for friendly, quiet dogs over 5 months who were adopted from a rescue organization or shelter.

Rescued dogs have all of the same needs as other dogs, but they are also special in many ways. Owners know little or nothing about their beautiful dog's history, and this can set the stage for miscommunication and misbehavior. In this essential class for adopted dog parents, we will go over basic manners techniques, install and upgrade important cues (such as SIT, DOWN, COME, and STAY), and solve common rescue dog behavior problems. The class also focuses on important leash training, city living, and relationship building skills that will help strengthen the relationship between human and dog.

Each class lasts 60 minutes. The cost for this course is $355.
Instructed by Sam Gedymin

Dog Days of New York
2581 Broadway at West 97th street Thursday Nights at 8pm 9/20, 9/27, 10/4, 10/11, 10/18

Real World Dog Training is for friendly, quiet dogs who have already completed puppy school, Adolescent Dog Training, or pre-screening by an AGDT trainer.

It is fixed enrollment and runs for 5 weeks.  
This class takes place outdoors and in local businesses on the Upper West Side.

In Real World Dog Training, we take the awesome skills and training that we have established on the road.  The class meets on the Upper West Side and walks through the neighborhood to various locations that are often frequented by dogs and their humans.  On the walks, we practice leash training and other cues that we have previously practiced indoors in other classes.  We practice handling and gentling at the vet's office, recall at the dog run, and proofing behaviors (making them work) in the presence of the many distractions that abound in this gorgeous city!  We work on all known cues and install new ones.  We troubleshoot difficult behavior issues in their real world settings.  And we have tons of fun doing it!   

The cost for this course is $355.

Doggy Games is for friendly, quiet dogs who have already completed puppy school, doggy manners, or pre-screening by an AGDT trainer.

It is fixed enrollment and runs for 5 weeks. 

Once you have worked on foundation behaviors such as Sit, Down, Touch, Come, and Loose Leash walking, it is common to feel frustrated when these behaviors don’t work in highly distracting environments. 

In this unique and fun class, you will learn and practice the skills needed to take behaviors to the next level so that they work when you really need them.  Teach your dog to STAY no matter what is happening around him.  Teach him to COME even when in the middle of playtime with another dog.  Improve your LEAVE IT cue so that it works when you are walking past chicken bones on the sidewalk.  

The cost for this course is $355.