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We offer top of the line dog training all over Manhattan. We are committed to bringing you the best behavioral wellness programs available and we go above and beyond to ensure that all dogs who come through our doors are treated with loving care, and cutting edge training techniques.  


 Q: If I miss a class can I make it up?

A: Unfortunately, we are not able offer make up classes. Like most schools, our classes are taught in order and once you have missed one, it won’t be taught again for a long time. However we are happy to provide you with corresponding worksheets so you can practice at home. In addition, our trainers are always happy to meet a few minutes before or after class to answer questions.

Q: My puppy does not have all of his/her shots yet. Can they still attend puppy kindergarten?

A: Yes! In fact, we designed Puppy Kindergarten specifically for pups who have not yet completed their full vaccinations. We strongly encourage puppy owners not to wait to begin socialization classes until they have completed all vaccinations. This is because your dog is in a crucial developmental phase that ends around the time you get that last booster. Basically, by the time your puppy is fully vaccinated it is too late to ensure that they get all of the training they need. Puppy class is designed for pups at this level of vaccination, and preventative measures are taken. To learn more, read the American Veterinary Society's position statement on the subject by clicking here.

Q: How do I enroll in a class?

A: In order to start the enrollment process submit your information via our website or by phone. Most of our services can be booked via our online portal here.

Q: How many private training sessions will it require to correct my dog's behavior?

A: Every case requires a different number of visits, and one of our trainers has to meet with you in order to assess how many sessions you need. Of course, we understand that it is difficult to plan training without having a precise number, so our rule of thumb is to always plan on a minimum of 2 sessions: One initial consultation and one follow up visit. If your goals or issues are more complex, requiring more sessions, your trainer will discuss this with you at the initial consultation and we can develop a plan that works for everyone.

Q: Can I buy a 3 or 5 pack of sessions in advance?

A: No. Traditionally, training companies sell packages in this way, but we have found it to be ineffective. Often we won’t require the number of sessions that you predicted in order to meet your goals, then you will have wasted your money on the extra sessions.

Q: Can I cancel or reschedule my private training session?

A:Training plans and schedules are carefully devised to help you see results as quickly and efficiently as possible, and canceling will often effect your outcomes, so be careful with this. We strongly encourage you to stick to your confirmed schedule, but if you have an emergency, just let us know with as much notice as possible so that we can help another dog in need. We require a minimum of 72-hours-notice. If it is less then 72-hours-notice we will charge the full fee. Please also keep in mind that our office is closed on Fridays and Saturdays.

Q: Why does my puppy have to be under 5 months to attend puppy kindergarten?

A: From the moment you get your puppy until she is 4.5-months-old, she is in a crucial developmental phase known as Puppyhood. Around 4.5-months, your pup will become an adolescent. Adolescence brings on a slew of behavioral changes that require entirely different training lessons than the first five months. In fact, we recommend starting puppy school at 10 weeks!

Q: What type of training methods do you use?

A: At AGDT, we require all of our trainers to study every training method available. We believe that we should be familiar and experienced in archaic, traditional, modern, and cutting edge tools so that we can offer the most options to our clients when helping them to meet their goals. We focus on using the Least Invasive, Minimally Aversive training style necessary to help you and your dog succeed. That usually means reward-based training, games, fun, and laughter during training. We know that you got your dog to have fun with them, and we believe in doing everything we can to help you achieve that. We never, under any circumstances, use shock collars, choke collars, prong collars, or other devices designed to teach by using painful stimuli.

Q: If I have an aggressive dog can I still come to class?

A: No. If you have an aggressive dog you will not enjoy or benefit from a group class. You should enroll in Private Training.

Q: What should I bring to class?

A: Generally, the only two things we ask you to bring is your leash and treats broken into very small pieces. If something other then that is required we will let you know in advance.

Q: Can my family come to class too?

A: Yes! We love when families come to our classes! Very small children should be accompanied by another adult so that you can focus on training your dog during class.

Q: Where do you hold your classes?

A: We currently have 3 locations to host classes in. Our flagship location is at 76 W 85th Street, Unit A (just off of Columbus). We also hold classes at our partner locations: Dog Days of New York (2581 Broadway between W 97th and W 98th) and Paws Country Club (301 W 113th Street 113th and Frederick Douglass) and The Mutt Hutt (238 West 72nd Street btw Broadway and West End)

 Always check our website for current class locations because they vary.

Q: What neighborhoods do you serve?

A: Our classes are on the west side, and we offer private training all over Manhattan.
For dogs who live outside our area, we are happy to schedule phone or online video chat sessions. Or conduct sessions in our facility.

Q: What are the costs of classes and private training?

A: Rates vary, so please check the website or call us. Private Training generally runs around $150 per hour. Our group classes cost $355 for 5 week courses.

Q: How do I get my dog certified as a therapy dog?

A: If your dog is thoroughly socialized, unflappable, and very well behaved, you may want to take a therapy dog class to introduce them to this fantastic world of volunteer activities. We recommend that Pet Partners Therapy dog classes that are held at Dog Days of New York. Contact them for details.

Q: Where should I board my dog?

A: For regular overnights, check out our places we love page here.  For current clients, we offer overnight dog training.

Q: What dog walking services do you recommend?

A: Check out our places we love page here

Q: What will my puppy learn in puppy kindergarten?

A: The primary focus of Puppy Kindergarten is teaching your pup essential socialization with dogs, people, strange noises, handling, and all of the many things they will face throughout their lives. You will master important techniques needed to solve puppy biting and potty training issues, and you will be introduced to all the basics of raising a well-behaved pup. Sit, Down, Touch, Come, Stay, Leave it, Take it, Drop, leash training, and other fundamental skills are introduced and problem solving strategies for issues like jumping, pulling, barking, and hyperactivity are addressed.

Q: My dog pulls on leash. Do you recommend a particular harness or leash?

A: Absolutely. We carry all of the products that we recommend in our store at 76 W 85th street. Stop by and we can show you which options are best for you and your dog.

Q: When and where do you hold workshops?

A: Please check the website or sign up for our news letter to receive this info. Generally, we hold a workshop every couple of months at one of our class location.

Q: What is a dog training apprentice?

A: A dog training apprentice is “in training” with our senior trainers. You may see them if they are shadowing one of our head trainers. If you are interested in joining our apprenticeship program, please click here.

Q: How do I know which class is best for my dog?

A: If you aren’t sure, give us a call and we will be happy to advise you!  If you have a puppy under 5-months, Puppy Kindergarten is your best choice. If you have never taken a class with us before, and your puppy is over 5-months, you want Adolescent Dog Training. All of our other courses require one of these as a pre-requisite, except our workshops which address individual behavior problems (such as leash walking and jumping up).

Aggressive dogs and dogs who have issues with barking require private training before being enrolled in class.

Q: What kind of advanced dog training classes do you offer?

A: Our advanced classes are:
Puppy 2 (the next logical step after Puppy Kindergarten)
Doggy Games (fun, games, and competition to improve your training)
Real World Dog Training (Taking it outside, improving your training in real world situations)
Tricks and Freestyle (Fun tricks and dancing with your dog)
Check our website for details about upcoming dates! 
Advanced classes require Puppy Kindergarten OR Adolescent Dog Training as a pre-requisite so you won’t feel lost.

Q: Why can't I enroll in overnight training if I'm a brand new client?

We only offer this to current clients, because we want to ensure that we are familiar with you, your dog, and your goals before asking you to invest in a massive training plan. 

Q: Where will a private training session take place?

A: Private Training will take place where it is best to observe and work on the behavior problem.
In your home, in the park, on a walk etc.

Q: What is rolling enrollment and how does it work?

A: Rolling enrollment means that you are able to pick which day you want to start class. Once you join you must attend 5 consecutive classes. This only applies to Puppy Kindergarten, and you must confirm your enrollment with our admin team before showing up for class.

Q: How do I become an apprentice at Amanda Gagnon Dog Training?

A: We are always accepting applicants. Click here.

Q: What are your hours of operation?

A: Our admin team is in the office to take phone calls and answer questions M through Friday from 10am - 5pm.

Q: What is an Intensive Training Package?

A: Sometimes it can be tough to find the time and energy for dog training when it conflicts with the important needs of your family, work, or personal life. Intensive Training Packages are a great option for people who need extra help to meet their training goals. 
here for more info.