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We offer top of the line dog training all over Manhattan. We are committed to bringing you the best behavioral wellness programs available and we go above and beyond to ensure that all dogs who come through our doors are treated with loving care, and cutting edge training techniques.  

Puppy Two

Strike while the iron is hot! Build on everything you learned in Puppy Kindergarten!


The Culture Center
410 Columbus Ave at West 79th Street
Monday nights at 8pm.
Instructed by: Cassidy Ingram

Next Class: 9/10, 9/17, 9/24, 10/1, 10/8

Paws Country Club
 301 West 113th Street at Frederick Douglass
Wednesday nights at 8pm.
Instructed by: Eleanor Clowe

Next Class: TBD


Puppy Two is designed for puppies between 18 weeks (4.5 months) and 1-year-old.

After Puppy kindergarten is over, Puppy Two is the next step in your puppy’s education program. We troubleshoot and upgrade all of the behaviors that you were introduced to in kindergarten, learn how to nip common problem behaviors (like jumping, stealing objects, and pulling on leash) in the bud, and practice fun training games that will cement the bond between you and your dog. Puppy Two is a riot of laughs and gangling pups. Join us to set yourself and your puppy up for a lifetime of training success!   

Each class lasts 60 minutes.
The cost for this course is $355.